Some Cheap Places to Travel United States

The global economic problem that has led to millions of job losses, not just in the US but also in the world, is one of the key reasons why people want to move in cheaper places to minimise their rental and living expenses. If you are planning to move to a new location to help you save more on your rental and living expenses, you could find these places to be an ideal place for you because these are currently some of the cheapest places in the US.

These locations were identified by as the United States’ most budget-friendly cities – Manchester, Nashua, and Ogden-Clearfield Metro.

In New Hampshire, the towns of Manchester and Nashua

According to Forbes, the cities of Manchester and Nashua in the state of New Hampshire are the cheapest areas to live in. This city’s median house would cost you about $213,180. On the other hand, relative to the US average, the cost of living for those living in the city of Nashua is 3.25 percent lower. Particularly during the economic downturn, both cities are considered to give a better quality of life with low living prices, affordable housing rates, and financial sustainability.

Metro Ogden-Clearfield in Utah

Considered the second cheapest location in the United States as a whole, Ogden-Clearfield has a 4.15 percent lower cost of living in the state of Utah relative to other areas in the US. In Ogden-Clearfield, a median house also costs about $162,700. As of 2009, the metro area has an estimated 531,000 inhabitants.